Late last month, I went through my stack of piano music and pared it down to just the songs I want to keep working on until I get them 100 percent right.

The song list is:

  1. Junco Partner by James Wayne, 1951
  2. Heartbreak Hotel  Elvis Presley, 1956
  3. God Bless the Child by Billie Holiday, 1939
  4. Come and Go with Me by the Del Vikings, 1957
  5. St. James Infirmary Blues, Irving Mills, 1928
  6. Blue Monday by Smiley Lewis, 1954
  7. Bright Day by Christopher Norton
  8. Mystery Train by Herman Jr. Parker, 1953

I zoomed right in on the outstanding hang ups: The ascending left hand vs. the descending right hand finale on The Del-Vikings’ Come and Go with Me and the quirky right hand melodies on Smiley Lewis’ Blue Monday.

April’s theme is: All in on Piano.

Rookie mag’s theme this month is “Lust for Life”

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