In this Sunday’s NYT magazine feature about Lorde (an otherwise a pretty formulaic profile where the writer simply chronicles hanging out with the pop star), Lorde does champion subways:

While making “Melodrama,” Lorde took lots of subway rides, auditioning rough mixes of songs on cheap earbuds, which helped give her a sense of how the music would sound in daily life. As we rumbled northward, her face was in full fluorescent light, and I wondered if people ever bothered her during these rides. “Nobody recognizes me,” she said. When Lorde does spot someone spotting her, she went on, her move is to smile, place a finger to her lips and mouth a conspiratorial shh.

This is the second time Lorde has brought up riding the subway while talking about her upcoming album.

The first time, early last month, after she released the initial single “Green Light,” she said the album featured lyrics about riding the subway.

The new article also has this groovy detail: Lorde doesn’t drive!

Lorde frequently figures herself into her lyrics as a passenger, riding in a car that someone else is steering. This motif owes something to the fact that she has never learned to drive.

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