Action Oriented Planning

It’s a little late to be coming up with July’s theme.

Rookie’s July theme is “Origin Story.” I have a PubliCola origin story; it’s all about walking in the forest and riding my bike in the freezing cold.

But PubliCola doesn’t seem relevant for me anymore.

Would I be cheating if I came up with my theme right now, mid-month? It seems like coming up with the theme right now would be more like doing a scientific re-cap than offering a dose of magical soothsaying like I usually do when I establish the theme at the outset, on the first of the month.

Magical Soothsaying = Existentialism, by the way.

Ah-ha. July’s theme will be Existentialism. Thank you.

Or Boredom.

On the way to Saffron Hill from Soho, 7/2/17, London

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