Following through on Capitol Hill Housing’s pedestrian pilot project (from two years ago,) SDOT is finally going for it and closing part of the Pike/Pine corridor to cars on Saturday nights from 6pm to 3am during July and August..

Calling the no-car zone “Pike People Street,” SDOT is turning the street over to tables and chairs for lollygagging, expanded patios for local bars and restaurants, and safe street ambling for nighttime flâneurs.

Pike St., Seattle, Saturday night, 7/15 into 16/17

I learned about the car-free zone  in a way that highlighted SDOT’s smart urban planning logic: I randomly biked right into it while coasting through the neighborhood.

I happily set up shop on Quinn’s outdoor patio.

There’s actually a word for that kind of Saturday night…at least one I once made up: I call it “Whisking”…as in stepping out for the night with the intent of getting whisked away into whatever the city tides bring.

The term is also a homage to Wisconsin Ave. in D.C., where I first started whisking my Saturday nights away as a teenager.

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