On Saturday, I took 15,075 steps… (7 miles….)

And on Sunday, I got to 25,377 steps (12 miles…)

It actually seems like I walked more on Saturday…because I was all over the place…starting out in the morning, I walked west from 19th across North Capitol Hill along the park to Broadway……and then I walked south on 10th…and then back…and then late in the afternoon, I walked west from 19th again, back to the North end of Broadway.

I ended Saturday night shambling home from the Westin.  (I had taken the #43 downtown from Broadway earlier in the evening.)

I got more actual steps in on Sunday because I walked to the International District and back; I went to the Wing Luke museum to see the exhibit about the Japanese Internment.


The whole museum, which I’d never been to before, was pretty great.

Pictured above: “American Citizens,”¬†Roger Shimomura, lithograph, 2015

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